Mom said…..

The only advice my mom ever gave me that turned into a lesson I reflect on and actually take heed and put into action is about home decor. That’s right, no one listens to their mom about that, do they? When I bought my first house, I remember struggling to decide what should go where and whether or not my decor was appealing enough. I did mention my ‘worries’ about fashion decor to my mother. She responded and I probably shrugged off her comments……until one day I actively processed the advice she gave me.

“Surround yourself with the things you love and enjoy; it really doesn’t matter what everybody else thinks, she began. “If you arrange things in ways that make you happy, your guests will appreciate it just the same. If you try to please the visitors, no one will find it attractive.”

There are four children in my family. Even if she had tried, designing a nice house was most likely the last thing on her list of ‘must-dos.’ Keeping up with schedules and making sure we ate were most likely the makings of a successful day in her eyes back then.

Fast forward 25+ years. This year, I have moved into the house that I designed in my imagination for most of my adult life. In a perfectly secluded and out-of-the-way location near a town I also chose on purpose, I am moving into a new home my partner and I custom built over the past couple of years. I intend for this real estate to become  where I reside for this, my final chapter, in this world. Here I’ll live, work as a completion at a well-rounded career and love my grandmotherhood, plus retirement. The phrase last chapter is not written to imply that I am on my way out of this world, but rather to indicate the fortuitous place in life where you can finally live those years we spend the other two-thirds of life preparing for. It is one of those ‘finally happened’ kind of things that were planned and arranged for, it didn’t just happen. Now that I am at least one foot in the door, I pray it is the last change of venue change  of this leg in the journey.

Now that is a great feeling! So as I arrange and move around and paint then repaint, I am comfortable finding that special place where it all just very well have come  together as expected and THAT feels good to me. It matches! Like mom said,  if I am happy with it, everyone else will be too. Or not?


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