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Famous for home made salsa, I’ve perfected recipe over 23 years. I know some people think it’s a little old fashioned to can my own tomatoes, pickles, jellies, and jams – whatever is fresh and available. Between the blue book and grandmomma, I’ve never been short on resources when it comes to canning my own fruits and veggies. It is a hobby like anything else, it can be therapeutic.

There was a time not so far removed when canning was must and preserving food sustained people through winter months. One of the coolest things in the world is a storm celler or storage room full of canned goods. Sometimes canning and preserving would be a family affair as soon as there was enough from the garden to store up. I’d be hard pressed to believe that it is even cost effective to preserve foods – with the transformation to the way food is available these days.

So, is it important to preserve Quarts of salsa or anything else? No, but the act of completing several good home-canned jars to put in the pantry after they seal is very fulfilling. Maybe it is like painting – you get quick results and it is a way to complete a task that you can be proud of.

Canning questions? Just ask, I have resources and I find answers.

I named the site after the two things I enjoy that I would consider hobbies or what I look forward to when I take a little time to do something therapeutic.

What is your thing? Discuss it here.

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