Children become what they LIVE

If a child lives with violence, he will seek violent ways and actions.

If a child is shown support, he will become confident.

If a child is ignored, he will seek attention inappropriately.

If a child is praised, he will continue to do well for appreciation.

// are so many ways that a child learns how to respond in his formative years.

Remember, children do as their parents and mentors do, not as they say. Adults from just a few generations ago and some still, like to tell children how to act but do not show them how. Studies prove that kids grow up responding to stimuli from their enviornments. That means, children learn from what is happening around them, not what they are told to do and to avoid doing.

Ever watched a mother smoke a cigarette around their child. When the child is old enough to explore on her own, the mother is dumb-founded when the child sneaks a cigarette to try out. That is just proof that children learn through actions of others, not the demands and commands made by their parents.

You never know when you may be influencing the actions of a child. Always pay attention to what you do in public or around other people.


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