The Springs Magazine


The Springs Magazine is the Arts and Entertainment Go To Guide for Hot Springs Arkansas.

Hot Springs National Park is famous for its more than 100 hot spring water springs which rumble out of the hillside in this quaint little town which is an attraction to tourists, locals, and National Park entusiasts.

For a small area, it is easy to find the same, just fewer of,  the attractions you may find in a big bustling city. Hot Springs is home to Oaklawn Racing and Gambling Casino. With tourist attractions galore, all the bells and whistles are in the downtown shops. And then there are the breweries, bath houses, downtown, cobblestone streets, New York Style Pizza, specialty restaurants, historically significant bars and restaurants, hotels and a little something off the cuff when it comes to notorious characters.

GMOA explains it all when it comes the the gangster activity in Hot Spring long before Vegas was a sin or a city!


Of critical geographical importance, the quartz crystal mines jettison through this area of Arkansas. It’s not like a diamond mine where one person finds a diamond every 30


decades. With quartz crystal, everyone finds perfect crystals. And they are absolutely everywhere. A trained eye, or at least and acclamated eye, can spot crystals in common and public areas. Then, you are ready for your own personal dig, during which most people find treasures they keep for lifetimes.

Natural quartz crystal from our back  yard at Godwin Mountain

Find Ron Coleman Crystal Mines on Trip Advisor to learn more about the dig. Contact me for photos and other information on quartz crystals. I should know, we live atop a vein which stretches over one half the state in our area. Leo Godwin Masonry and Rock – Rock, It’s How He Roles!

Wavelite or CatEye from Godwin Mines


Contact Godwin Mountain Mines for ordering information. We provide small raw quartz crystals and large attactions for your landscape or garden. 501 984-0246 for more information.

WE ROCK Rock, ask why!

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